Times New Robot is the solo work of Elliot Tiller, guitarist and songwriter for indy rock bands We Are Berliners and That Rabbit’s Dyn-o-mite!  Tout va Bien starts off where those bands left off - literally - with a deconstruction of the final track of TRD’s Sex & Violence album, along with several other nods to Tiller’s previous works littered throughout the album. 


Tout va Bien is Tiller’s first instrumental project, with Tiller handling guitars, drums, bass and keys on most tracks.  While Tout va Bien is a considerable departure from the Weezer-esque alt-rock of those past albums, Tiller’s unique songwriting style weaves a common thread through his works, with an emphasis on harmonies, hummable melodies and counter-melodies, wailing guitars and compositions that favor evolving progressions over repetition. Drawing equal inspiration from Ween and Bach, this quirky debut from Times New Robot foretells more interesting and unexpected music to come from the genre-bending Tiller.


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