On its debut release, Tout va Bien, Times New Robot offers up aclassical symphony for fans of rock and alternative music.  Setting the table with its overture, Die Schildkröte (“The Tortiose”), the album begins with a straightforward ballad which then morphs into a classic rock guitar anthem, fades back into ballad and finally gives way to Der Hase (“The Rabbit”), a guitar and bass driven gem of EDM.  Equal parts orchestral symphony and classic rock opera, each of the 12 tracks on Tout va Bien flows seamlessly into the next, covering a wide swath of musical genres along the way.  Les Pom-Pom Girls (“The Cheerleaders”) is a snarky electric guitar duel with a piano.  Cœur d'Alene (like its Idaho namesake) imagines a summer getaway disguised as a Christmas wonderland.  Gli Anni (“The Years”), the centerpiece of this time-themed album, is an electric guitar rock ballad ala Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson.  Aimer et Chérir (“To Love and To Cherish”) is a wedding march for the new millennium.  Un Jour Clair (“On a Clear Day”) is a return to writer Elliot Tiller’s Southern rock roots.  The title track, Tout va Bien, tells the story of a world stumbling drunkenly towards the edge of the abyss.  The finale, Os de Verre, Cœur de Verre (“Bones of Glass, Heart of Glass”), revisits the album’s earlier themes and offers a tepidly hopeful view of what lies ahead in this Brave New World.